Flexi Fridays Improve Culture‍

April 8, 2022

March 24, 2022

Friday’s have always been my favorite day, but since joining Sojern they have become more special. At Sojern we offer Flexi Fridays, meaning a day without emails or meetings and you have the ability to wrap up your work day around lunchtime. This gives me the opportunity to catch up on work, spend time on personal development, clean out my inbox, and prepare for a longer weekend. It allows me to focus on a bigger project without any distractions. Employees can spend their Fridays training or working on presentations, getting ahead of their schedule for the week ahead, reflecting on learnings they had throughout the week, and checking in on goals to ensure they’re on track. 

On a personal level, I can spend time with friends and family or with my husband without hiring a babysitter as our son is still at school. The highlight of Flexi Friday is being able to collect my son from school. When he asks “Mummy are you working?” I can happily say “No - Mummy has finished for the day!” We can spend time together creating memories–from playing with Legos to jumping on the trampoline, or learning to count with sweets. What’s more, Sojern is a company that specializes in travel and encourages employees to take vacations and recharge, so you can use that extra half day to plan a weekend getaway (and even add on a few days with unlimited paid time off). 

Flexi Friday is such a lovely day to ease into the weekend with a happy and relaxed mindset. It’s one of the many reasons I appreciate Sojern’s culture and encourage others to join the team. I am a People Operations Director working out of London and we’ve got several open positions to fill at a fast-growing global company.

Would you like to enjoy Flex Friday? Head to our careers page, check out the open roles, and apply today.

Flexi Fridays Improve Culture‍
Elke Taylor

Elke is a Director, People Operations at Sojern. She has over 10 years experience in HR delivery in various industries covering EMEA. She has a passion for people driving talent attraction, employee engagement & diversity enhancing the company's culture to make Sojern an employer of choice. Work life balance is important to Elke and she enjoys long walks with her dogs Peanut & Popcorn.

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