Navigating the Privacy Landscape: A Sojern Perspective for Hotel Marketers

Privacy isn't a roadblock, but an avenue for building trust.

November 9, 2023

In today's data-driven world, global hotel chains are faced with the challenge of harnessing the power of guest data while respecting individual privacy rights. 73% of consumers are prepared to sever ties with companies that don’t protect their data, and the costs of mishandling data are significant.

At Sojern, we understand the importance of finding the right balance between personalization and privacy in hotel marketing. Let’s explore the privacy landscape and offer insights for hotel marketers like you, working at global hotel chains.

Understanding the Data Dilemma

Global hotel chains possess a wealth of guest data, ranging from booking histories to preferences for room types, amenities, and dining options. This data is key to creating personalized guest experiences, driving customer loyalty, and maximizing revenue. However, it also brings forth the responsibility to protect guests' privacy.

In recent years, data privacy has taken center stage with the introduction of legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States. These laws have regulated how companies handle personal data and have elevated individuals' rights to control their information.

Six Focus Areas for Hotel Marketers Tackling Privacy

1. Building Trust Through Transparency

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Global hotel chains must establish trust by being transparent about their data practices and ensuring the exchange of data matches consumer expectations. This includes clear and concise privacy policies, mechanisms for guest consent, and transparent communication regarding data collection and usage.

2. The Art of Personalization

Guests today expect personalized experiences. This is where data-driven insights come into play. By analyzing guest data, hotel marketers can tailor recommendations, offers, and services to meet individual preferences. You can also reach travelers who are ready to be advertised to and are open to your messaging. Personalization should never feel invasive. Striking the right balance is crucial.

3. Consent and Data Security

Consent and data security are at the heart of privacy compliance. It's imperative for global hotel chains to prioritize data security, employing robust measures to safeguard guest information. Work in lockstep with your legal team to ensure all compliance regulations are met. Obtaining informed consent from guests is equally important, ensuring they understand how their data will be used.

4. Data Pseudonymization and Aggregation

One approach to address privacy concerns within advertising solutions is data pseudonymization and aggregation. By using pseudonymized personal data, you can still extract valuable insights for marketing strategies while respecting individual privacy. Partners like Sojern can help you do this, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

5. Leveraging Technology Responsibly

Technology plays a pivotal role in the modern hospitality industry. At Sojern, we advocate for responsible technology use. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you make sense of your data without compromising privacy. Our tools can predict traveler preferences using pseudonymized personal data, allowing for more targeted marketing efforts.

6. Education and Compliance

In the fast-evolving data privacy landscape, education, and compliance are non-negotiable. You should be well-versed in privacy laws across the globe and stay updated on compliance requirements. Conducting privacy impact assessments can help identify potential risks and ensure privacy is fundamental to every marketing initiative.

Sojern's Privacy-Focused Solutions

Sojern understands that global hotel chains need practical solutions to navigate the privacy landscape effectively. Our solutions respect guest privacy while delivering results. Here’s our approach to data privacy:

  • Choice and Control: You are in control of your data. We help you manage data securely and with privacy in mind. We provide choices when possible, and honor privacy rights and requests.
  • Transparency: We help you keep personal information secure and confidential, respecting local privacy laws. We are transparent about our data collection, use, and disclosures, so it’s easier to understand how data is being used.
  • Accountability and Respect: We understand the delicate balance between customization and privacy, by helping you find travelers who are open to your message and ready to take a trip.

Privacy isn't a roadblock, but an avenue for building trust and enhancing guest experiences. We’re dedicated to helping you prioritize transparency, consent, data security, and responsible technology use, so you can continue to deliver exceptional experiences.

To learn more about data privacy and personalization with Sojern, contact our travel marketing experts today.

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