Sojern Gives Back to Vauxhall City Farm in London

Sojern Gives Back: Volunteering at Vauxhall City Farm in London

June 24, 2022

In collaboration with Vauxhall City Farm, a central city farm in London, our Sojern Gives Back (SGB) London team volunteered their time to support the farm’s ongoing environmental and health initiatives.

Vauxhall City Farm is a charity organisation that generates awareness about the environment and promotes green spaces in the middle of the bustling city. The organisation is one of the oldest and most central city farms in London. It runs a range of educational and therapeutic support programmes and activities that enhance health and well-being. The farm supports children and adults, especially those with disabilities, by developing their personal and social life skills aimed at boosting their confidence and aspirations.

With 12 members of the London office participating, they rolled up their sleeves and participated in different volunteer activities on April 12, 2022. One group was dedicated to gardening activities. The city farm is creating a garden with plants and flowers as an extension to the farm. The team removed common weeds from the ground to prepare the soil for seeding.

The second group volunteered at the cuddle corner, a dedicated space where guests can donate £4 for a 10-minute cuddle time with domesticated rabbits and guinea pigs. As one of the preferred activities at the farm, children and adults benefit from the close contact with a furry pet, enhancing well-being and happiness.

“It was a fulfilling experience to do our bit at the Vauxhall farm and support them on the pivotal role they’re playing for the local community,” said Roger Miro, program specialist. “Despite our team’s questionable gardening and guinea pig caretaking skills, we pulled out an overall good performance and had a great bonding time.”

The experience was an amazing opportunity for team collaboration and to help the city farm, which operates thanks to the work of amazing volunteers who run the farm every day. 

Sojern team digs up dirt patch to prepare a garden.
Photo: From the left, Androulla, Bina, Ryan, Thomas, and Roger prepare the gardening space for planting.

Two Sojern employees holding a guinea pig and a bunny.
Photo: Faye and Clemence demonstrate how the cuddle corner works by holding a guinea pig and a rabbit.

Sojern Gives Back (SGB) is an initiative born with the objective of giving back to local communities everywhere in the world and where Sojern’s team members work and reside. At Sojern, every employee has 40 hours per year to use for volunteering initiatives, independently or in a team. On the occasion of GloCon - Sojern’s annual global conference that will take place in May, in Omaha, USA - the global Sojern Gives Back committee asked team members from all Sojern offices in the world to organise a team volunteering event called “Sojern Gives Back x GloCon”.

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