Sojern's Travel Data Insights Dashboard FAQ

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What is the Travel Data Insights Dashboard and how do I access it?

Sojern’s Real-time Travel Data Insights Dashboard provides daily travel insights to help hotels, attractions and tourism boards understand travel behavior.

Where does Sojern's data that powers this dashboard come from?

Sojern collects and analyzes travel intent data from thousands of airline and hotel partners from around the world. This gives Sojern an unparalleled view of travel demand and is the foundation of Sojern’s travel insights.

How do I use this information?

The dashboard will provide market insights on when and where demand will increase. Dashboard users will also be able to compare different regions to see when and where travel is anticipated.

How often is the dashboard updated? At what time and in what timezone?

The dashboard will be updated weekly on Mondays at 10:30 am UTC.

Why haven’t we already made this information publicly available before now?

Sojern decided to make the dashboard public because of the unforeseen popularity our unique travel dataset has generated. People around the world are looking for real-time travel data to help them better understand demand.

What is the share of search and booking volume meant to show?

The share of search and booking volume is meant to show the distribution of search and booking volume between three years, with intent to use 2019 as a baseline. By using 2019 as a baseline, it is meant to show where 2021 is trending in comparison to 2020.

How is the share of future flight search and booking volume calculated?

Our share of future flight data calculates the distribution of searches or bookings conducted in the last 14 days for travelers who have considered or booked in the next 11 months. The intent is to identify which months travelers are anticipating to travel.

Why aren’t all markets available on the list?

If you find a country is missing it means that it currently doesn’t meet our data requirements for listing due to limitations to access to relevant data.

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