We encourage all employees to take up to 40 hours off a year to volunteer, and our Sojern Gives Back program partners with organizations around the world to provide meaningful ways to contribute.

Our Mission

While we are a global company, we focus on making an impact at the local level. Every year, our Sojern Gives Back Regional Directors decide on a theme, like going green, literacy, youth education, or reducing inequality. We then partner with small, local organizations who are looking for volunteers. This allows each office to give directly to the community they are located in. In the past, we’ve focused on:

  • Conservation of our beaches and parks, preservation of our water and resources, and education on recycling and waste reduction
  • Promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion across gender, race, and orientation
  • Education and career resources for underserved communities, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities
  • Building sustainable communities, schools, and infrastructure
  • Health and nutrition, providing food and materials for people in need
  • Supporting employee’s community initiatives