Westmont Hospitality Group Partners With Sojern to Drive New Leads to Independent Portfolio Property, ARC HOTEL

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Westmont Hospitality Group manages ARC HOTEL Washington D.C., Georgetown, an independent boutique property in Washington, D.C., and part of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts collection. Working with Sojern, the management group reached new audiences and increased direct bookings, while proving to the ownership team that increasing advertising spend had a positive impact on conversions.

“Working with Sojern, it’s not just a cookie-cutter solution, as Sojern listens to our needs and recommends what’s best for our hotel. We have someone to bounce ideas off of, and Sojern gives us a higher-level perspective on how we can get the best value for our investment.”

Holly Hendrix
Director of Digital & Social Media Marketing


As an independent property within Westmont Hospitality Group’s portfolio, ARC HOTEL Washington D.C., Georgetown, needed to increase awareness among new audiences to compete in the competitive D.C. market. The management group also needed to showcase to the hotel’s ownership team that by increasing spend and focusing on upper-funnel tactics like prospecting, they would see more conversions in the long run. ARC HOTEL Washington D.C.,Georgetown, has been working with Sojern since 2018 on a commission-based advertising model, and saw strong direct booking performance. However, the team sought greater flexibility with their marketing investment to engage travelers at each stage of their planning process.


Westmont pivoted the property to Sojern’s Managed Platform offering to activate a full-funnel marketing strategy across display, search engine marketing (SEM), and metasearch. This solution allows Westmont to drive brand engagement and direct bookings in one cohesive campaign.

“Running paid search on our own was a full-time job in itself,” says Holly Hendrix, director of digital and social media marketing at Westmont Hospitality Group. “We were sometimes looking at five different reports, on five different platforms.”

With Sojern, everything is in one place, making it easier for Westmont to analyze and share campaign results with the hotel’s ownership team to prove the value of the investment. The team works closely with Sojern to monitor campaign performance and market insights in real-time, adapting investment throughout the year in line with the hotel’s needs and seasonality. The agility of the approach alleviates the need for supplemental campaigns, helping maximize return on investment (ROI) and property performance. “With Sojern we have been able to increase the awareness of ARC HOTEL Washington D.C.,Georgetown,” says Hendrix. “As a result of the flexibility the solution provides, we have driven an ROI of 12x.”

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