VIK Hotels Realises Direct Booking Growth with Paraty Tech and Sojern

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in direct booking revenue across their portfolio since 2019


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VIK Hotels is a small chain of hotels with properties in the Caribbean and Spain. With a goal of growing their direct online channel, they sought to partner with experts in the direct booking space and turned to both Paraty Tech and Sojern to achieve this.

"Paraty Tech and Sojern are experts in their respective fields. They have been a great help for our direct channel and thanks to it, we’re generating more and more bookings. It is definitely a winning partnership."

Antonio Segura
E-Business Manager


Due to the spread out nature of VIK’s portfolio, the team wanted digital strategies that could benefit their properties as equally as possible. This, coupled with the larger goal of increasing their share of direct bookings, led them to seek out partners that could help them achieve this. “We needed to get more traffic to our website,” explains E-Business Manager, Antonio Segura, “and then keep people on-site to influence more direct bookings.”


Through their partnerships with Paraty Tech and Sojern, VIK Hotels is able to drive more users to their website, and keep them engaged until they are ready to book. This full funnel marketing strategy across online display, Facebook and Instagram, and metasearch advertising, is what has increased their share of direct bookings since 2019. Since working with Paraty Tech and Sojern, VIK Hotels has driven €143K+ in direct booking revenue across their portfolio.

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