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Sojern is Your Direct Route to New Passengers & Their Loyalty to Your Airline

Turn future flyers into current passengers when you partner with Sojern. Our unparalleled insight into global travel trends lets you target prospective ticket buyers with laser-like precision. Connect with us and go directly to your ultimate destination.

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Reach New Heights With Sojern

If you can reach the right passenger at the right moment with the right message, there’s nothing left to chance. Luckily, Sojern is here to help. Increased ticket sales with deeper customer loyalty is where we will take you.

We Want You To Find Your Most-Wanted Travelers

Finding the best potential passengers at scale and earning their loyalty is the quickest route to success. Hone in on your ideal audience when you put our unique travel data to work. Easily reach travelers across video, native, social and more by taking advantage of multichannel campaigns that are constantly optimized to deliver results.

Get Non-Stop Value from Direct Bookings

Don’t let your loyalty club members stray too far from home. Capture more revenue from sales by routing them though your own website to book their tickets.

Promote branded credit cards and boost airline loyalty program engagement by communicating directly with your customers.

Local Relationships Broaden Your Prospects

Easily connect with destination marketing partners to help boost profits and visibility. Our co-op marketing program lets you combine budgets, expand campaign reach, and even collaborate on messaging. You can find your ideal passengers and increase roundtrip bookings on priority routes.


Our Platform Delivers Best-in-Class Features for Airline Marketers

Unrivaled Traveler Insight

  • Profile, find and target your ideal passengers
  • Build custom traveler audiences for a 360 degree view of your frequent flyers
  • Gain market insights and trends, and continually hone your marketing strategies

Multichannel Scale

  • Engage potential passengers more efficiently across digital channels
  • Deliver the right message in the right place at the right time

Automated Optimization

  • Increase the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Prove return on ad spend (ROAS) with campaign performance reporting

Our Data is Jet Fuel for Marketing Campaigns

Sojern’s unmatched access to the inner workings of the industry is the result of our proprietary Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™. We work closely with trusted airline partners and utilize their position as a frequent entry point for trip-planning. Having visibility into a person’s search terms (destination, dates, number of travelers, etc.) lets us better match them with your marketing message. Data itself can be valuable, but what’s worth even more is using it to deliver additional marketing support. By combining it with other existing data sets, we create a more holistic view of travel that can enhance our visibility into the realm of travel demand. More importantly, it can boost your bottom line.

Trusted by Airlines Around the World

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The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform Provides Deep Multichannel Reach at Scale

Your passengers are already online. Now it’s time for you to find them at the moment they’re most receptive to your message.

Programmatic Media
Get access to high quality display, native, video and CTV to reach your target travelers in more locations.
Find and engage passengers on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to make your message more personal.
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Let Us Be Your Marketing Co-Pilot

Why fly solo when Sojern is ready to help guide you towards greater success? Whatever your budget, there’s a plan that fits your needs. We’ve partnered with hundreds of travel brands worldwide, so you get all of the experience and none of the baggage.

Managed Platform
Managed Platform
A fully-managed service that increases profitability and optimizes digital marketing spend, it also includes custom traveler audiences, intelligent marketing technology, and actionable insights.
Co-op Marketing
Co-op Marketing
Let us create, activate, and manage a customized and flexible co-op marketing plan for you and your destination partners. You can access detailed reporting to show the impact of shared campaigns promoting specific routes.
Traveler Suite
Traveler Suite to Go
Get the most out of your target audience. We create custom-built audiences for you to activate in your marketing stack, delivering all-new levels of control. You can log in to our real-time insight dashboard for more data-driven analysis.

Why Sojern for Airlines?

Long before they get a boarding pass, prospective passengers embark on a trip-planning journey. And Sojern is uniquely suited to reach and inspire them with your message all along the way. Our deeper understanding of travel demand and market insights helps us craft a custom audience for your campaign to deliver the right message, at the right time, across channels. Simplicity and flexibility are built into the platform so you won’t just find potential ticket buyers, you’ll create tomorrow’s frequent flyers.

With Sojern, Results Arrive on Time

No one likes delays. So why waste another day dealing with lackluster campaign performance? Sojern’s best-in-class data and technology are ready and waiting. Just give us the go-ahead and right out of the gate, you’ll start to see why we’re not just a platform, we’re a launching pad. Need a partner to manage digital marketing, scale your efforts, and share keen insights? Now boarding via the link below.

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