Slovenia Tourism Reaches New Users in the DACH Region, with Sojern

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visits to Slovenia Tourism website, 95% of which were new users


YOY growth in searches to Slovenia from new travellers within Sojern’s audience


in-market travellers in the DACH region in a more personalised way
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Managed Campaign

Slovenia Tourism partnered with Sojern to promote Slovenia as a gastronomic and wellness destination with a multi-channel campaign in the DACH market. Measuring the increase of pre and post-campaign searches to Slovenia from audiences who hadn't considered the destination before, Sojern drove a 54% growth in searches to Slovenia.

"Sojern gave us insight into the direct and incremental effects of our advertising. We were able to calculate the cost of acquisition for a lead that had shown no previous interest in our destination, by looking at searches for Slovenia after showing them our ads."

Živa Deu
Digital Communication Manager


Tourism boards are often challenged with proving the impact of their marketing spend. As opposed to airlines or hotels, which can track bookings to a marketing source—it can be difficult for tourism boards to measure results. They turned to Sojern to deliver a multi-channel marketing campaign for two months starting in December 2018 and tasked Sojern with demonstrating the impact of the effort after the campaign.


With billions of traveller search and booking intent signals, Sojern found the right audience for Slovenia Tourism. Using a two-pronged strategy of Display and Video assets, Sojern inspired 2,628 visits to the Slovenia Tourism website over the course of the two-month campaign, 95% of which were from users who hadn’t previously visited the site. More importantly, the Sojern campaign drove a 54% YOY growth in searches from new travellers for Slovenia— proving the value of Tourism Slovenia’s marketing spend.

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