The Polish Tourism Organisation Influences People to Book Travel to Poland with Sojern

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viewability across programmatic display vs a benchmark of >65%


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The Polish Tourism Organisation sought a way to raise their profile as a destination and highlight the offerings that people wouldn’t normally expect when they think of Poland. Together with Sojern and OTA eSky, they launched a multichannel campaign to achieve this.

"The data that Sojern provides and their understanding of the target audience is one of the strongest points of the company. The insights they presented after the campaign are very valuable for our future projects. The quality of their work met our expectations."

Artur Pielaszek
Deputy Director, Marketing Department


Full of rich history and stunning geography, Poland has a lot to offer travellers, but it is not often top of mind for holidaymakers. “Poland is so much more than just a place in Eastern Europe,” explains Artur Pielaszek, Deputy Director of Marketing Department. “We wanted to reach people looking to travel and increase their awareness of Poland by showing them something unexpected.” The POT team entrusted Sojern and global OTA eSky to execute this campaign in late 2021.


Over the course of the campaign, Sojern and eSky managed to reach over 22 million unique users. Sojern’s viewability across programmatic display and YouTube far exceeded campaign benchmarks. And most importantly, the campaign delivered on inspiring people to book travel to Poland. Among the users who were impressed by the campaign and then booked a European trip, 40% chose Poland, vs the only 0.67% of bookers who chose Poland without being exposed to the campaign.

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