This is Athens and Partners and Sojern partnered to influence 15,000+ travellers to visit Athens

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This is Athens and Partners partnered with Sojern in the summer of 2019 to promote the city’s campaign aiming to inspire European travellers to -visit Athens and drive awareness for the city. Using a mix of display, video, and native assets, they inspired over 15,000 travellers to visit the Greek capital.

"It’s important to show the effect that our campaigns had on tourism to Athens, and with Sojern, not only can we measure the impact of each channel, but we can look at how many people we actually influenced to visit Athens."

Evangelos Vlachos
CEO, Athens Development and Destination Management Agency


The challenge of the This is Athens and Partners campaign was to influence travelers to change their perceptions about Athens and increase incoming tourism from Europe to Athens, placing it as a top-of-mind city break destination year-round. The strategy focused on the contemporary character of the city, promoting “things to do”, beyond visiting the Acropolis. TIAP sought to influence travellers through multiple channels, as well as prove the value of their ad spend.


Across the campaign, Sojern drove 11,000 visits to the website, influenced 143,000 trip searches, and confirmed 15,400 bookings to Athens. The video received 1.2M views with a 60% lower cost per view (CPV) versus what Sojern sees for comparable video campaigns. Display improved 58% from the start of the campaign. And with all three channels, This is Athens had a full-funnel marketing strategy

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