300 Travel Marketers Weigh in on Digital Advertising

Partnering with WBR, we surveyed 300 travel marketers around the world.

Myla Tutt
August 23, 2021

Global travel marketers rose to the challenge as the world went into lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. From moving to “stay at home” messaging, to refocusing on local communities and drive markets, to using innovative ways of reaching their audiences at home, we saw countless ways the travel industry came together to make it through.

Thus, we partnered with Worldwide Business Research to survey 300 travel marketers around the world. We wanted to know how they were thinking about their future strategy, and how they are allocating their budgets across channels. We asked questions about the future of advertising, how they are responding to the Cookieless future, and what opportunities they saw as countries reopened. And perhaps most importantly, what changes had they made because of the pandemic, and when, if ever, would we get back to “normal”?

From the survey results, we put together a comprehensive report for marketers. We found:

  • Most companies (88%) have increased or kept their digital advertising strategy budget the same since COVID-19.
  • Over half (56%) agree “The online environment is favourable for direct response campaigns – an attractive proposition for brands spending cautiously and looking to drive sales.”
  • Most companies (62%) have a high or very high priority regarding readiness around the Cookieless world.
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rated as high or very high priority (84%) for personalisation across channels.
  • Most companies (68%) are optimistic and believe that budget or ad spend will go “back to” pre-COVID-19 levels.

To find out more of the results, download the report. If you’d like to speak with an expert on how to adjust your digital marketing strategies, click here.

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