Use Objectives to Measure Hotel Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Discover what your business values within your multichannel strategy.

September 26, 2022

When marketing for hotels, it’s important to measure and adjust your campaigns over time. Because online users spend time across a variety of different channels, a multichannel marketing approach provides the flexibility you need to spread the right messages to the right people. Before you can start targeting travelers, you need to address what objectives your business will value and how you will measure your campaign. Without a strategy, you could be missing the mark with your audience and your message.

Establishing Campaign Objectives That Fit Your Business

In the early stages of establishing a multichannel campaign, setting objectives will help you understand what you’re striving to achieve. Different objectives can require different metrics for measuring success. You can choose holistic objectives that encompass your marketing efforts across the board. You can also narrow down your objectives to specific marketing channels to measure your campaign at every level. Either way, ensuring your objectives align with the goals of your business is key. 

Before you begin establishing your campaign objectives, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are we trying to accomplish with our channels?
  2. What is the current state of the market and where is it going from here?
  3. Who are our competitors and what are they doing?
  4. What makes my business unique and how do I want to showcase it?

Once you’ve gathered a complete picture of the state of your business, you can better plan your campaigns to make meaningful progress. Now, we’ll look at example objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to solidify your goals.

Exploring Potential Objectives and KPIs

A great way to structure your strategy is to establish the objective, and then get specific enough to make it a valuable marketing goal. Define your KPIs and then add a timeline to give your plan a direction. Here are some examples to help create a structure that works for you:

Increase Revenue

By looking to increase revenue, improve direct booking numbers, or reach new demographics, you can monitor changes in your campaign to help you adjust over time. It’s also important to consider repeat business while engaging new customers. KPIs can include:

  • Increasing customer referrals by X in Q1.
  • Increasing average daily rate (ADR) by X by the end of the year.
  • Increasing direct booking numbers by X by Q3.

Increase Brand Awareness

This objective sets the tone for analyzing the traffic around your campaign. By choosing channels where traffic is easily measurable, you can see your campaign’s effectiveness in showcasing your brand. KPIs can include:

  • Increasing website traffic by X each month.
  • Increasing newsletter subscriptions by X by H2.
  • Gain X followers on social media by the end of the quarter.

Increase Consideration

This objective is great for building content around the offerings you will provide travelers. It’s the difference between a traveler choosing your business or destination over another. KPIs can include:

  • Increasing the number of page views on your website by X by Q3.
  • Decreasing the bounce rate of website visitors by X by the end of the year.
  • Increasing the number of email sign-ups by X each month.

Other examples can include increasing traveler engagement and repeat business, expanding content reach, and more. There are many different objectives and ways to lead your multichannel marketing campaigns. Finding what works for your business can help you lead thoughtful and measurable campaigns that educate travelers on the value you provide them.

Multichannel marketing is a great way for travel marketers to get in front of travelers across multiple touch points. Learn more about how you can lay the foundation for a successful hotel multichannel marketing campaign today.

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