Art Hotel Wrocław Partners with Sojern to Attract New Guests to Their Property

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116,493 PLN

in direct bookings in 10 months


bookings from new users who may not have known about the hotel


15% of their total direct bookings
Package Used
Pay on the Stay

The team at Art Hotel Wrocław wanted to reach new travellers who may not know about their property, and inspire them to visit their website and book with them. With Sojern’s Pay on the Stay, commission-based advertising solution, they were able to achieve this.

"Tour ad suggestions are extremely accurate and reflect the current trends. You have the right tools and insight to perfectly match the banner and copy."

Natalia Jundziłł-Parczewska
Revenue Manager


The team at Art Hotel Wrocław understood the need to have their property featured on multiple online channels, in order to attract new guests. But these channels can be expensive, and time-consuming to do right. They turned to Sojern in order to run these efforts on their behalf, particularly because Sojern has the ability to reach brand to new travellers and inspire them to book with Art Hotel Wrocław.


In the first 10 months of the partnership, Sojern has generated PLN 116,493 in direct booking revenue, and 105 bookings for Art Hotel Wrocław. “Sojern is able to reach people that we can’t on our own,” explains Natalia Jundziłłour Parczewska, Revenue Manager, "they've helped new guests find our hotel and get us more direct bookings.” And, because of Sojern’s risk-free, Pay on the Stay solution for independent hotels, they only pay Sojern a commission after a completed stay.

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