Sojern Delivers a 10x+ ROI with Online Digital Marketing for Auberge Saint-Antoine

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10x+ ROI

each month


a digital marketing partner that was flexible to their specific needs


creative support, saving the team time and budget
Package Used
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After trying another digital advertising partner, Auberge Saint-Antoine in Québec City turned to Sojern to run their online marketing campaigns in August 2018. With Sojern, Auberge Saint-Antoine has a flexible marketing solution that meets their property-specific needs, which consistently exceeds ROI goals.

"We’ve been happy Sojern customers—there’s an honesty in the way they work. As someone who tried a competitor and was let down, I can say that their solutions for small, boutique hotels have really delivered results for our property"

Dagmar Lombard
General Manager


When Dagmar and Guy Lombard took over managing the property in 2017, they “weren’t advanced in terms of digital marketing,” says Ms. Lombard, General Manager, “we needed a new website, SEO strategy, as well as online advertising.” The team tested a digital marketing partner in early 2018, who required a high minimum spend, but were disappointed with the results. “We spent a huge amount, and didn’t get a single booking from it.”


Sojern has delivered a display marketing campaign that meets the needs of Auberge Saint-Antoine. Sojern consistently delivers ROI from 10X in any given month and has been as high at 20X. “I like that we can adjust the amount we spend with Sojern throughout the year,” continues Ms. Lombard, “and their support in helping to create our ads saves us a lot of money. Sojern really works for us."

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