Sojern and Convento do Espinheiro Collaborate on an Always-On Marketing Plan to Grow Direct Bookings

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in direct booking revenue in 11 months


increase in direct bookings year over year


an always-on, multi-channel marketing solution
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Pay on the Stay
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Convento do Espinheiro has partnered with Sojern for nearly a year. Sojern runs Convento do Espinheiro’s multi-channel marketing strategy on a Pay on the Stay, commissionable model. In 11 months, Sojern has increased their direct bookings by 60% year on year.

"We work with Sojern because they do everything we are trying to do from a marketing perspective, but can’t on our own. Our direct bookings are up, so it’s been a very good experience."

Ricardo Banha
E-Commerce & Revenue Manager


Convento do Espinheiro is rich in history, scenery, and atmosphere. Despite being one of a few five-star hotels in the area, their team still struggled with generating direct bookings. This was partly due to third parties being so strong, and in part due to being in a more remote part of Portugal. When Sojern presented them with a Pay on the Stay marketing solution to drive them direct bookings, they decided to test it in January 2019.


In 11 months alone, Sojern has generated over €82,897 in revenue from 178 direct bookings, and direct bookings for Convento do Espinheiro have increased 60% year on year. But most of all, the team has a marketing strategy they can trust in. “Sojern delivers a booking, and we pay a commission,” explains Ricardo Banha, E-Commerce & Revenue Manager, “That’s the business model for me."

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