CzechTourism Reaches In-Market Travellers and Exceeds Campaign Goals

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations


qualified in-market travellers utilising Sojern’s travel data


in 16K post-impression events, translating into 7.64:1 ROAS


video completion rate goal with a rate of 82% (70% goal)
Package Used
Managed Service
In-Banner Video

CzechTourism activated a multichannel marketing strategy targeting travellers in the Italian market. Surrounded by mountains and known for its rich history, castles, lakes, and spa treatments, the three-month campaign showcased everything the destination offers. It resulted in great performance, exceeding goals and industry benchmarks despite a turbulent geo-political situation that affected travel confidence and intent to Central and Eastern European destinations.

"The true value of Sojern’s partnership for us is the segmentation you’re able to do, your strong focus on tourism, and how precise you can get. Beyond just finding those interested in travel, you can find exactly which destinations a traveller is looking at and whether that traveller travels once per year, twice per year, three times per year…you can be so very precise."

Luboš Rosenberg
Director of CzechTourism Italy


The CzechTourism team in Italy sought a partner to activate a strategy to share content with travellers in the Italian market showing intent to travel to Central Eastern Europe or interest in the Czech Republic. With a partner focused on tourism, they could segment their audiences to find the right travellers for their destination. Rather than focusing on assumptions based on interest and demographic targeting, they wanted to reach qualified in-market travellers utilising travel data to understand who was interested in their destination.


The team activated a three-month multichannel campaign targeting travellers in the Italian market. By combining an upper-funnel strategy using inspiring video with high-impact display ads, they were able to drive both awareness and direct response through website visits. This campaign focused on in-market audiences including: travellers interested in the Czech Republic, travellers looking at competitive destinations in Central and Eastern Europe, and affinity groups such as outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, art & theater aficionados, and more. The campaign exceeded all goals, resulting in 16K post-impression events (searches and bookings to Czech Republic) translating into a 7.64:1 ROAS. The video completion rate was 82% (70% goal), cost per view 0.01€ (0.02€ goal), and a 0.62% CTR. The display in-banner video viewability was 70% (65% goal). The team was able to also able to see the economic impact driven from the campaign.

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