Hotel West End in Paris Generate Over €60K in Direct Booking Revenue with Sojern RevDirect™

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Hotel West End in Paris has been a Sojern RevDirect client since April 2018. Sojern runs online Display advertising on their behalf, and recently, began running their advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram. Since the partnership began, Sojern has generated over €60K in direct booking revenue for the property.

"The fact that it’s commission-based was good for us, because it wasn’t a fixed amount that we had to pay. Often, small hotels don’t have budget for a fixed marketing spend, so it was good for us to have that flexibility."

Karen Gameros
Sales Manager


Located in a very popular, central area of Paris, the West End Hotel doesn’t suffer from a lack of demand. But, because they are in such a popular area, competition is fierce. And, more hotels are opening frequently. For properties like West End Hotel, it’s essential to have a strategy that allows them to capture the attention of travellers looking to visit Paris—and stay ahead of their competitors.


West End Hotel began working with Sojern’s RevDirect in April 2018 to increase direct bookings, and to stay ahead of their competitors. Sojern can reach people actively looking to travel to Paris, but who may not know of the property. Sojern presents them with ads through online Display advertising, as well as on Facebook and Instagram, inspiring them to visit the property’s website to learn more and book directly.

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