Sojern and Marketing Greece Collaborate to Drive Awareness of Greece, Delivering Over 40K Searches

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a CPV 40% better than target


searches to Greece over four months


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Marketing Greece and Sojern partnered in April 2019 to deliver an awareness campaign to the French and UK markets. Over the course of the campaign, Sojern influenced over 40,000 searches and 3,300 bookings to Greece.

"The search and booking data provided by Sojern is an important factor when we report the bigger picture to our stakeholders. The insights gained throughout the campaign will be useful when planning future initiatives."

Ioanna Dretta


The Oh My Greece Campaign was a joint venture project of high production standards, supported by collective fundraising. With an increased number of stakeholders, the challenge faced was how to best spend the marketing budget to ensure that all collaborators were satisfied with the campaign goals and outcomes. Sojern helped to leverage travellers’ online behaviour to ensure the most effective strategy was implemented.


Sojern delivered 40.3K searches and 3.3K confirmed travellers to Greece over the campaign, achieving a CPV 40% better than target. An interesting finding was that customers searching for competitor destinations were more receptive to the campaign. “The Sojern campaign was quite a success,” stated Ioanna, “In addition to the strong results, were the in-depth daily insights that Sojern provided. If you’re not in front of your customers at the right time, your competitors will be.”

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