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R Hotel Geelong opened in early 2021, during uncertain times for hospitality, especially in Australia. Collective Hotel Management sought partners, such as SiteMinder and Sojern, to work towards their direct booking goals given these market conditions.

"With the seemingly nonstop changes in market conditions and demand, it’s good to work with partners who understand travel and digital marketing and can maximise our direct booking share. SiteMinder and Sojern have been trusted partners. I look forward to continued success."

Graeme Connor
Director and Owner, Collective Hotel Management


R Hotel Geelong opened in early 2021, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Australia experienced more travel restrictions than many other countries, and the normal business travel that R Hotel Geelong might expect was nonexistent. “The situation forced us to rely on leisure and digital marketing,” explains Graeme Connor of Collective Hotel Management, “partnerships were essential to fill the gap.”


By integrating Sojern’s world-class, programmatic advertising solutions with SiteMinder’s leading hotel commerce platform, hotels can effortlessly reach travellers searching for a place to stay, drive them to book direct, and then track and measure success. In the first year of partnering, Sojern and SiteMinder contributed roughly 13% to R Hotel Geelong’s total bookings.

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