The Ruskin Hotel Uses Sojern’s Pay on the Stay to Launch Digital Marketing with Minimal Effort

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations

5% reduction

in OTA bookings

Direct bookings

increased since partnering with Sojern


of all bookings for The Ruskin Hotel & Suites driven from Sojern in the last year
Package Used
Pay on the Stay
Search Engine Marketing

The Ruskin Hotel & Suites is an independent property located in the heart of Blackpool. They leverage Sojern’s Pay on the Stay to activate multichannel digital marketing, as well as to increase their share of direct bookings.

"It’s incredible what we’ve gotten through Sojern in terms of direct bookings in such a short space of time. Working with Sojern is the easiest, simplest option out there. They take care of all the legwork and there is little to no input needed from my side. They have been a fantastic partner."

Nicola Stott
Sales Manager


The team at Ruskin Hotel & Suites wanted to kickstart their digital marketing efforts, but didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to running it on their own.


In mid-2021 The Ruskin Hotel & Suites partnered with Sojern to run Pay on the Stay—a comprehensive digital marketing package where hoteliers only pay a commission for completed bookings. Sojern runs advertising on The Ruskin Hotel & Suites’ behalf across programmatic display, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). With the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™, Sojern taps into billions of travel intent data points to find and engage with those who are looking to travel to Blackpool. Sojern reaches these travellers with inspiring messaging from The Ruskin Hotel & Suites, and keeps their name top of mind so that when people are ready to book, they book with the hotel directly. Sojern’s team of in-house designers also build engaging display ads using brand assets from The Ruskin Hotel & Suites, saving their team time and energy. “The fact that I didn’t have to do anything besides send a couple of images and logos across, is really outstanding for me,” explains Nicola Stott, Sales Manager at The Ruskin Hotel & Suites. Since starting with Pay on the Stay, Sojern has taken back share from online travel agencies (OTAs), and increased direct bookings for The Ruskin Hotel & Suites. Sojern represents roughly 28% of their total bookings.

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