Travel Tacoma + Pierce County Help Generate 4,500+ Hotel Room Night Confirmations with Sojern

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Return on Investment (ROI)


hotel room night confirmations during the four month campaign


in total estimated traveler spend to Pierce County
Package Used
Programmatic Media

Travel Tacoma + Pierce County partnered with Sojern in the summer of 2018 to promote their destination, drive visitors to their website, and encourage more people to visit Pierce County. Sojern delivered a 19:1 ROI through a strategy of Video and Display assets.

"Our community stakeholders are very interested in leisure overnight metrics, and partnering with Sojern gave us that. With this campaign, Sojern made the story of Pierce County larger than any one city—it’s the story of the region, the county, and our corner of the Northwest."

Jaime Vogt
Vice President, Marketing and Communications


No matter how diverse or beautiful the destination, most DMOs are challenged with quantifying the impact of their marketing spend. “We’re able to show clear results with our sports marketing and our convention sales,” says Vogt, “but leisure has always been very challenging to track.” The team looked to Sojern’s expertise in data and programmatic in order to launch a campaign that delivered tangible results.


During the four-month campaign, Sojern drove highly qualified traffic to the Travel Tacoma + Pierce County website, where they signed up for emails, downloaded visitor guides, and learned more about the destination. The campaign also inspired tens of thousands of flight and hotel searches to the region. Best of all, Sojern drove 3,174 travelers to Pierce County, including 4,552 overnight hotel confirmations.

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