Sojern Partner & Sub-Processor List

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Last Updated: March 1, 2021

We partner with technology providers to help us provide and improve our services. This page identifies partners with whom we share information, along with links to their privacy policies so you may learn more about their data collection and usage practices. For partners who assist in providing the Sojern products and services and to whom we share information about European consumers, we also list them as sub-processors and provide you with descriptions of their services and locations. A sub-processor role is based on the contractual relationship with Sojern and data processing activity unique to each partner. Sojern uses a commercially reasonable process to select partners and sub-processors to satisfy adequate security measures and privacy and confidentiality practices. We also require third party sub-processors to enter into a written agreement to protect personal information. Defined terms used in this page are defined in the applicable service agreement and/or data processing addendum (DPA). For partners, the applicable DPA is available at

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Objecting to a Sub-processor

Unless otherwise provided in your agreement with Sojern, following an update to the list of sub-processors on this page, you may object to a new sub-processor by submitting your objection by email to with subject line “Sub-processor Objection,” along with your name, your company’s name, name of the Sojern product or service, name of the sub-processor, and a justifiable ground for objection. If you do not object within thirty (30) days following an update to the list of sub-processors, the new sub-processor(s) will be deemed accepted.

Ad Server and DSP

These companies serve digital advertisements on websites, mobile apps, and other Internet-connected properties; issue reports on the performance of advertising campaigns; and provide a platform that facilitates the sale of online ad impressions/inventory through real-time auctions (a “DSP”). Sojern participates as a buyer of ad inventory on DSPs. We use these partners to deliver and track the advertising campaigns that we serve, and we share online identifiers in order to effectively use their services.

Name Purpose Location Role Privacy Policy Opt Out Link or Contact
Facebook Ireland Limited Programmatic media buying platform and advertising services United States Sub-processor Privacy Policy Opt-Out Link
Google LLC. (for Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, and Campaign Manager 360) Programmatic media buying platform and advertising services United States Sub-processor Privacy Policy Opt-Out Link
Xandr, Inc. (formerly AppNexus, Inc.) Advertising services United States Sub-processor Privacy Policy Opt-Out Link
Xandr, Inc. (formerly AppNexus, Inc.) Programmatic media buying platform United States Independent Co-Controller Privacy Policy Opt-Out Link

Infrastructure Services

The company in this category provides cloud-based hosting, storage, and processing infrastructure and services to enable Sojern to provide its services to clients. We use a cloud hosting service provider that distributes traffic across servers located in multiple geographies, known as geographic load balancing. Data is then transferred to data centers located in the United States for processing.

Name Purpose Location Role
Google LLC (for Google Cloud Platform) Cloud-based hosting services, data analysis, and business intelligence United States Sub-processor
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