Opt Out, Delete, or Export Your Data | Sojern

Opt Out, Delete, or Export Your Data

Sojern has created a tool to allow you to opt out, delete, or download your data that Sojern hascollected. In order to successfully opt-out of all Sojern tracking you will need to take thefollowing steps across each of your devices:

  1. Click “Export”: By clicking the download button you can view the data that has beencollected. This will allow you to understand what information has been collected about you.
  2. Click “Delete”: By clicking the delete button, you are requesting that Sojern delete theinformation that it has collected about you. Once a request is made, it will be reviewedby Sojern to verify that is is a valid request. Once verified, Sojern will process thedeletion request.
  3. Click “Opt Out”: By clicking opt out you will be taken to a page from our partner TrustArcwhere you can opt out of further advertising on this device from Sojern.