Sojern Drives Metasearch Conversions with Indonesian Booking Engine Alaric

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launch time from 30 to 14 days


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Sojern and Indonesian booking engine Alaric partner to provide digital marketing solutions for hotels. With their previous metasearch provider, Alaric clients experienced limited visibility in top metasearch engines and delayed campaign launches. They turned to Sojern to drive increased performance with exceptional customer support.

"We were working with another metasearch partner but our hotels never saw their properties in the search results. With Sojern, we always see our properties in the top results, so we know our hotels are getting what they pay for."

Hendra Kusnandar


Alaric’s customers needed a digital marketing solution that could drive direct bookings efficiently, while also providing customer support to respond to changing market conditions. Before Sojern, Alaric had partnered with a different metasearch provider, but was experiencing problems with performance and customer service. Its hotel customers reported not seeing their brands appear on major metasearch sites, and experienced slow campaign launch times. “Our requests took awhile to address,” explains Hendra Kusnandar, CTO


Sojern has improved visibility on top metasearch engines for Alaric’s hotels, increasing direct bookings. Roughly 24% of these were driven by Sojern’s Pay On The Stay solution, 11% from metasearch. In addition, Sojern halved onboarding time from Alaric’s previous provider, going from 30 to 14 days for time to launch. “Hoteliers want to see their brands in the main metasearch results,” continues Kusnandar, “I am proud to be working with Sojern to deliver these results."

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