Constance Hotels & Resorts maximises performance and efficiency with Sojern

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YOY increase in Sojern-driven revenue (compared to 84% overall)


HTML5 ads across their portfolio of properties


in direct booking revenue across seven properties in the last 6 months
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Constance Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Sojern since 2019, with Sojern running digital marketing on their behalf across programmatic display and Facebook & Instagram. Sojern creates complementary and bespoke ad creatives for the seven properties in the Constance portfolio, saving the team time and resources.

“Sojern’s expertise maximises our digital marketing efforts. Not only are we reaching our revenue goals, we also save a lot of time outsourcing banner design to Sojern. We share all the information with their creative team, and it’s all taken care of.”

Aman Dosieah
E-Marketing Executive


The Constance Hotels & Resorts team is a small but nimble team, always looking for ways to work more efficiently. In 2019, they did digital marketing with a few partners, but weren’t seeing the desired results. Moreover, their in-house team spent a lot of time creating static digital banner ads.


This year alone, Sojern drove over $1.4M in direct booking revenue across their eight properties. While overall YOY revenue is up 84% for the group, Sojern-driven revenue is up 294%. Moreover, Sojern-driven bookings have 9% higher ADR. “The creative services are also a major component,” says Aman Dosieah, E Marketing Executive, speaking to their bespoke HTML5 creatives done by Sojern’s design team, “Sojern does all the work and we simply approve. It is so easy to work with Sojern."

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