Sojern and Discovery Hospitality Partner to Double Direct Bookings

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in direct booking revenue in 2018


increase in Sojern-driven direct booking revenue YOY


organic YOY growth of Sojern-driven direct bookings
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Discovery Hospitality started working with Sojern in 2016 to increase direct bookings through Sojern’s commission-based marketing solution for independent hoteliers. Sojern currently runs online marketing on Display, Facebook, and Instagram across their four properties. In 2018, Sojern generated over $500K in direct booking revenue for Discovery Hospitality

"Working with Sojern is having an extended team of marketing experts armed with the industry’s comprehensive traveller data and sophisticated technology. From leading creative refreshes to launching campaigns and testing different strategies—the Sojern team has given us a great advantage."

Blessy Townes
Vice President & Head of Digital


Discovery Hospitality has a lean team of in-house experts who are responsible for Integrated Marketing Communications—including raising the brand’s profile and generating direct bookings. Bookings from the local market are strong, but due to a limited marketing budget, the team needed help reaching international travellers. “Sojern’s precision marketing approach to driving direct bookings enables us to grow our market overseas and, at the same time, maximise our ad spend to grow our local market at excellent ROI.” explains Blessy Townes, Vice President & Head of Digital.


In 2018, Sojern ran marketing campaigns for Discovery Hospitality across online Display, Facebook, and Instagram for four of their properties—which delivered $579,491 USD in direct booking revenue. “These days, you cannot focus your marketing spend on one particular channel because there is no single conversion path,” continues Townes, “so we need to complement our other efforts with Social Media.” Best of all, the team gets this comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy, on Sojern’s pay-on-the-stay commission model.

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