Sojern and Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao Collaborate to Achieve over €84K in Direct Bookings in Six Months

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Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao and Sojern partnered in February 2019 and have been running a multi-channel marketing strategy ever since. The partnership includes advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Display, and Search which has jointly delivered over €84K in direct booking revenue.

"We don’t have a sales team so we rely on the website for direct bookings. We were introduced to Sojern and it only took us a few minutes to say let’s do it. We are very happy with the results."

Iñaki Armada


Being a small, private hotel, staff at Hotel Conde Duque have to juggle many roles. A key challenge is building relationships with guests, meanwhile managing customer-facing responsibilities, digital marketing, increasing revenue, and much more. “With so much going on, Sojern’s solution was a perfect fit for our hotel,” says Iñaki Armada, Subdirector. “It covers that aspect of my role and I can forget about it and focus on customer satisfaction. Sojern makes our lives easier”


In six months, Sojern delivered over €84,000 from 356 direct bookings. “It is very important for us to see where bookings are coming from, and obtain the guest’s details. The support from Sojern on this is great,” continues Iñaki. Sojern’s expertise means that the hotel can keep up with market trends, responding with relevant creatives and offers. Iñaki states “I am always kept in the loop.” This means the management team has more time to focus on the important job of building relationships with guests.

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