Sojern and Maha Festival Partner to Drive Brand Awareness and Increase Ticket Sales

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a campaign that drove ticket purchases from outside the Omaha area
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Maha Festival partnered with Sojern in April of 2019 to reach people outside of Omaha in neighboring cities to drive awareness that Omaha is a good place to visit, work in, and live in. Sojern encouraged those viewers to book festival tickets online and delivered an 11X ROI through an online display campaign.

"The communication was one of my favorite things about working with Sojern. There were no lingering questions. The team understood my background and they tailored the process to my experience. It hasn’t been ‘one size fits all', and I appreciate that"

Rachel Grace
Marketing and Communications Manager


Maha Festival had tried online display advertising before, but campaign management was an issue. “To be effective in digital, you have to constantly monitor the ads, and we don’t have someone specifically devoted to it,” Grace said. “Most importantly, we needed to optimize spend–every dollar counts in the non-profit space.”


During the campaign, Sojern drove highly qualified traffic to the Maha Festival website where they were able to learn more about the four-day event and purchase tickets. Sojern maximized the impact of the campaign by reaching the right audience at the right time. The campaign achieved an 11X ROI. “The team understood what we were looking for and implemented everything effectively, and you can clearly see it in the results and the data they passed back to us,” Grace said.

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