Novotel Miami Brickell Increases Brand Recognition and Decreases OTA Dependency with Sojern

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations

29% reduction

in OTA bookings since partnering with Sojern, replaced with direct bookings

Longer lead times

from Sojern-driven bookings, resulting in better forecasting


in direct bookings in 2022 alone
Package Used
Pay on the Stay

Novotel Miami Brickell is a modern, 275-room, 4-star hotel with convenient access to the best of downtown Miami. They use Sojern’s Pay on the Stay package to raise the profile of their property in a crowded market, as well as increase their direct bookings.

"Working with Sojern has been a game-changer for us, it has really helped to move the needle. They are by far the top-performing partner that we work with, and also the one that requires the least amount of effort from my side. They have a direct impact on my website bookings, with revenue that I wasn’t making before."

Marina Temino
Director of Sales and Marketing


The team at Novotel Miami Brickell was struggling to raise the profile of their brand in a competitive market. They were also heavily dependent on OTA bookings, and were looking to drive traffic to their own website and grow their share of direct bookings.


In April 2021, the Novotel Miami Brickell partnered with Sojern on their Pay on the Stay marketing package—a multichannel marketing solution where Sojern runs digital advertising on the hotel’s behalf. With the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™️, Sojern can see people actively searching for travel to the Miami area. Sojern then engages these would-be travelers across programmatic display and social media, inspiring them to visit the Novotel Miami Brickell website. Once there, they can book directly with the hotel. Since partnering with Sojern, the Novotel Miami Brickell has managed to raise their profile and drive more traffic directly to their website. Direct bookings have increased, and they’ve managed to reduce their share of OTA bookings by 29%.

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