Sojern's Guide to Always-On Marketing in 2020

While seasonal and burst campaigns remain important, travel marketers need an always-on strategy to match the needs of the always-on, always-searching traveler.

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What’s in the Report

An always-on strategy takes a continuous, proactive approach to digital marketing. Sojern's Guide to Always-On Marketing in 2020, will provide information on:

  • What an always-on strategy is and isn’t
  • Tips and tricks to an always-on approach
  • Understanding changing travel behaviors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free?

Yes! We hope this information is useful for you, and you'll think of us when you're ready to take the next step with your digital marketing.

What is always-on marketing?

Always-on marketing uses live data, the ability to dynamically segment your audiences, and the power of real-time intent signals to know how and when to engage with a potential customer. We look deeper into how this marketing strategy is crucial in the travel industry and the changing way consumers research and book travel.

Do always-on campaigns replace traditional burst or flight campaigns?

Both are required for a successful marketing strategy. When used strategically, you will see improved performance overall, and greater insights over time.