Opus XVI and Sojern Increase Direct Bookings With a Centralised Multichannel Strategy

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations

4,060,000 NOK

in direct bookings over one year, with increased occupancy in shoulder and off-seasons


an external support team, freeing up internal resources

Longer lead times

allowing for better forecasting
Package Used
Pay on the Stay
Search Engine Marketing

Opus XVI is a luxurious hotel located in Bergen, Norway, part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World™—a collection of hundreds of independent properties that create unique experiences for travellers. With Sojern, the team increased direct bookings with a centralised multichannel strategy, enabling them to focus on creating memorable guest experiences.

“We love the simplicity of the solution and how clearly we can see results. The technology works so well that it leaves us to do our other day-to-day jobs. We are seeing increased interest in our superior and deluxe rooms as a result, which is improving the overall average booking value. I think we will be long-time customers for as long as Sojern continues to perform the way it does today!”

Alexander Grieg
General Manager


The Opus XVI team sought to increase direct bookings, and maximise occupancy during shoulder and off-seasons.To do so, they needed to expand their reach across different marketing channels. The team had previously implemented a multichannel strategy, but wanted to run one that showed a clearer return on investment, with simple, easy to digest reporting. “As a general manager I deal with everything from the hotel’s finances to stacking the dishwasher,” says Alexander Grieg, general manager at Opus XVI. “We needed to find a partner who we were confident could successfully support our digital marketing efforts, with very little input from our side.”


The team at Opus XVI partnered with Sojern on our Pay on the Stay package, to run advertising across Facebook and Instagram, search engine marketing (SEM), metasearch, and display. Sojern’s Pay on the Stay harnesses the power of the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™, which enables Opus XVI to engage with travellers interested in visiting Norway, at a time when they are looking to book. Sojern drives engaged travellers to the Opus XVI website to make a reservation. Not only that, Opus XVI only has to pay after a completed stay—which can be efficiently managed and tracked from a single, easy-to-use, portal. By centralising marketing efforts with Sojern, the internal team at Opus XVI gained back time and resources to focus on customer service, front-desk management, and more. With Pay on the Stay, Sojern provides the property with year-round bookings, particularly from January to March—traditionally their lowest traffic months. Grieg states, “We are really happy that the results with Sojern have been so stable throughout our partnership, but perform extra well in those down months.” With a small team sharing many responsibilities, planning efficiently is key for the team at Opus XVI. Sojern’s solution delivered 60% of the bookings with lead times of 28 days or more, providing that extra time for forecasting and customer engagement.

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