Rainbow Ryders and Sojern Partnership Generates 104 Ticket Transactions and over $50K in Revenue

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Rainbow Ryders partnered with Sojern at the end of 2018 to encourage people to book their hot air balloon rides. Sojern delivered a 8:1 ROI through a strategy of display banner advertising targeting travelers coming to Phoenix.

"The primary goal for us is to share the actual experience, and we work with Sojern to achieve this. Sojern is easy to work with and because of this, we’ve expanded our partnership to other locations. The return on investment is huge for us."

Emily Romero
Marketing Manager


Rainbow Ryders faced the challenge of effectively spending marketing dollars while investing more in the digital space. A lot of their budget was going toward print ads, and they needed a partner they could trust for which communication was easy and results were driven. They also faced the challenge of operating a business with multiple locations and understanding who to target in each market. “Phoenix is a bigger market with a lot more competition, not just with other hot air balloon companies,” said Romero, “but with other adventure tours as well.”


During the initial six-month Phoenix campaign, Sojern drove highly qualified traffic to the Rainbow Ryders website where they were able to learn more about the balloon rides and purchase tickets. The campaign exceeded expectations and drove 104 ticket transactions over six months totaling $51,118—an ROI of 8:1. As the campaign showed success in the Phoenix market, Rainbow Ryders recently signed on their other locations, targeting travelers visiting their other key markets.

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