Hotelinking and Sojern partner to help hoteliers enhance direct guest communications and digital campaigns

Palma, Spain - April 16, 2024 - Hotelinking, the platform for digitizing & automating strategic processes for hotels, has announced a partnership with Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel. 

Manel López, Head of Sales at Hotelinking comments:

“Our goal from day one as a company has been to help hotels connect directly and efficiently with their guests, during and post-stay. Hotelinking enables hoteliers to bridge the invisible wall that exists intrinsically in the hotel industry, where most guests have placed their bookings through commission based channels and who rarely share their marketing and contact details with the hotel. I personally see this partnership between Sojern and Hotelinking as a great opportunity for hoteliers to enhance their direct guest communications and digital campaigns, boosting better results and higher returns on investment. Suddenly, being able to target a much larger audience of hotel guests, with richer and higher quality data, will eventually bring more success instantly. Sojern and Hotelinking’s partnership is not just a strategic alliance, it also reflects the achievement of a significant milestone to reshape the hotel industry landscape towards continuous innovation.”

“As Google looks to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome in the second half of 2024, prioritizing a first-party data strategy is more important than ever,” said Jesus Ramirez, Sales Director at Sojern. “Our collaboration with Hotelinking and their expertise in acquiring, educating, and engaging with hoteliers to utilize their clients' first-party data will enhance Sojern's ability to bolster digital marketing campaigns and targeting capabilities in a cookieless era. This will lead to improved conversion rates, revenue, and a higher share of direct bookings for our hotel clients.”   

On average, more than 80% of the hotel guests access the free Wi-Fi service. With the current marketing landscape, hoteliers must ensure they have a way forward to convert all these Wi-Fi sign-ups into high-quality, valuable and processable data and most importantly, use it accordingly. Hotelinking and Sojern can support its hotel customers to be more successful in creating highly personalized digital marketing campaigns, thanks to the ultra-personalisation and enriched guests profiles that comes from this data. 

About Hotelinking

Hotelinking is a cloud-based solution, offering an integrated hotel tech stack specifically designed to generate and activate First-party through an advanced HOTELIER Wi-Fi captive portal. 

Additionally, Hotelinking offers an integrated during-stay and post-stay surveys, online checkin & checkout platform, data push services through native integrations with PMSs, booking engines, CRMs, and a smart technology software that automatically monitors the health of hotel Wi-Fi complex infrastructures. For further information, please visit: 

About Sojern

Sojern is a leading travel marketing platform designed to boost growth and profitability for the travel industry. The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform is a set of easy-to-use software and services that delivers unrivaled traveler insight, intelligent audiences, multichannel activation and optimization, and a connected guest experience—all in one place. More than 10,000 travel marketers rely on our platform annually to find, attract, convert and engage travelers. Founded in 2007, Sojern is headquartered in San Francisco, California with teams in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.



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Sojern in Spain (Base Communications)

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