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Christy Jobman
August 10, 2021

Optimizing Your Website for Online Conversions

52% of experience bookings are happening before a traveler arrives at their destination, and this number continues to rise. But what happens if a traveler who has chosen their destination begins to search for things to do, finds your attraction’s website and has a hard time finding the activities you offer or the booking button? It’s likely they won’t book.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. Would you make a booking on your website? Test on desktop and mobile and ask yourself these questions: Is it easier to just call than book online? Can I tell which activity is best for me because the flow of the website is simple? Is all of the information I need easily accessible? If not, it’s likely your website visitors are not going to complete a booking either. And if they’re searching ahead of time and choose to bounce from your site and head to another, you’ve lost that traveler before they even arrived and they may not think of you while in destination either.

Tips to Improve the Experience From Our Partners at FareHarbor

Call-to-Action (the element on your website prompting visitor to take an action)

  • Placement should be above the fold.  
  • It should pass the “squint test” and be in a clearly contrasting color that stands out against the rest of the content on the page.  
  • Keep the context clear: Does it use action verbs? Does the button clearly define the action?
  • The most important Call-to-Action button should lead the customer to book online.  

Information Placement

  • Put the prominent information at the top of the page. Users tend to exit the page if they don’t get the information they want in the first few rows of text on the page. Feature promotions and discounts above the fold.
  • Make sure conversion drivers such as activities are front and center on your homepage. First impressions matter!
  • Add keywords about your services and location in the header.
  • Include information that is vital for booking like prices, age ranges, duration, meeting location, etc.
  • Feature images high up on the page to create immediate interest and excitement. Image content should be personal, show people having fun with your activities. Avoid stock images when you can.

Mobile Optimization

  • According to FareHarbor's website analytics, about 66% of travelers are searching for activities on mobile devices and 57% of bookings on tour and activity sites come from mobile devices.
  • Scale your website for mobile devices and keep important Calls-to-Action above the fold.  


  • 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 90% of customers who recall reading online reviews claim that positive online reviews influence buying decisions. Include testimonials on your site.
  • Include an “About Us” page on your website to help prospective customers understand your brand.
  • Include a “Contact Us” page that’s easy to find. Customers want to know there’s a real person who can answer their questions.
  • Be sure your website is SSL secure, unsecure websites will scare off potential customers. Look for the lock icon in the address bar and make sure you are using HTTPS.

What to learn more? View our webinar, How Attractions Can Increase Online Conversions & a Look at the Latest Recovery Insights which deep dives into attractions insights in Sojern data. A FareHarbor expert joins Sojern to discuss how you can increase online conversions and why they are so important. We walk through the booking flow on attraction websites, how to optimize the mobile booking experience, and identify areas for improvement.

The Q&A session features FareHarbor and Stu Card, Co-Founder of a successful food tour, Savannah Taste Experience.  Get in touch with a Sojern expert today.

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