Lv8 Resort Hotel Partners with Sojern and Roiback for the Perfect Direct Booking Partnership

diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations

10% increase

in direct bookings YOY

Grew loyalty base

with Roiback’s loyalty module


direct booking strategy with multichannel marketing and website tools—making the direct bookings easy
Package Used
Pay on the Stay
Search Engine Marketing

Lv8 Resort Hotel is a 5-star luxury property in Canggu, Bali, that sought to grow its direct booking base and decrease bookings from OTAs. With Sojern and Roiback, the team found the perfect pairing to maximise their direct bookings, drive website traffic, and keep the direct booking process simple and customer-centric.

"Sojern and Roiback have a great relationship and work together to maximise our direct bookings. We have regular check-ins to review performance, and both Sojern and Roiback give us insights and recommendations for improvement. And the results speak for themselves! Their collaboration has been very helpful for us."

Aloysius Albert
Director of Revenue and eCommerce


The team at Lv8 Resort Hotel wanted to grow their direct booking base and decrease bookings from OTAs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They partnered with booking engine Roiback, as well as Sojern, to achieve these goals together.


The team at Lv8 Resort Hotel sought partners to achieve their goal of increasing direct booking share. They use Sojern’s Pay on the Stay, where Sojern runs advertising on their behalf across digital channels to drive interested traffic to their website. They also utilise a number of Roiback’s tools to make the website experience more streamlined and to create a simple and efficient direct booking experience. Using the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™ and reaching people in-market for travel to Bali, Sojern ensures that Lv8 Resort Hotel is front and centre as travellers browse and search the internet. By the time they are ready to book, Sojern drives them to the Lv8 Resort Hotel website. “We didn’t have a strong direction in our digital marketing before Sojern,” says Aloysius Albert, Director of Revenue and eCommerce. “I’m confident that Sojern has the digital marketing in hand, so I can focus on other aspects of my role.” Once they are on the website, Roiback’s solutions make it easy for guests to book directly. Mobilis Pro, a mobile-first version of the booking engine was used with a focus on increasing mobile conversion rates. It has been designed to offer the best mobile experience with fast loading speed, design and app-like usability. Lv8 Resort Hotel also uses Roiback’s loyalty module, which enables them to offer more perks and benefits to build repeat bookings over time.

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