Situation Partners with Sojern to Drive Ticket Sales for Pretty Woman on Broadway

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The team at Situation has partnered with Sojern for nearly a decade to drive awareness and ticket sales for their Broadway show clients. Recently, Sojern ran an online display campaign for the new show, Pretty Woman: The Musical, which increased ROI by 400%.

"The reason that we’ve worked with Sojern for so long is because we have confidence in their ability to reach inbound travelers to New York City. It’s always been a really positive partnership, and it delivers the best for our clients."

Rachel Harpham
Media Supervisor


With millions of travelers coming to New York City for leisure each year, the attractions market is fierce. It can be difficult to stand out. “With traditional targeting, you could just be reaching people looking at New York City aspirationally,” explains Rachel Harpham, Media Supervisor at Situation. “The key is finding people with actual travel intent and getting in front of them once they’ve booked their trip.”


Sojern raised the profile of Pretty Woman: The Musical on Broadway for these in-market travelers and inspired them to visit the show’s website to book tickets. Since the campaign began, Sojern has delivered a 4X ROI. Moreover, Sojern was able to drive confirmed inbound travelers to the Pretty Woman: The Musical on Broadway website at a cost of less than $4 each. “Sojern is one of our MVPs,” continues Harpham, “I feel confident bringing them to any client.”

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