Sojern's Q3 Global Travel Insights Report Reveals Impact of World Events on Global Travel Patterns

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Sojern, the world’s leading data-driven traveler engagement platform, today released its Q3 Global Travel Insights Report based on the rigorous analysis of more than 600 million traveler intent data points across the globe. The report reveals that burgeoning tourism markets and recent world events have reshaped the current state of global travel.

Overall, the most searched destinations were the U.S., Spain, the U.K., France, Turkey, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, and Greece. Perennial hotspots Malaysia and Thailand both saw a decline in inbound tourism, potentially due to their recent political struggles, andJapan saw a dramatic increase in flight searches from Chinese travelers (+50% increase over Q2).

Global sporting events and festivals had a major impact on tourism. Flight searches to Brazil for the World Cup more than doubled month over month. Similarly, this year’s Incheon Games increased interest in tourism to South Korea by nearly 20%. Germany’s world-famous Oktoberfest attracted a large volume of international tourists, most notably from the U.S. and Italy. Munich saw a 38% increase in overall flight searches during Oktoberfest.

“Through our strategic partnerships with dozens of top global travel brands, we are able to glean valuable insights on travel behavior throughout the world,” said Mark Rabe, CEO at Sojern. “These insights prove vital to helping our customers reach, convert and retain travelers as they progress through the purchase funnel.”

North American Travel Trends

In the U.S., New York City was the most-searched destination for European travelers, while NYC and Miami were the most popular researched destinations for Latin American travelers. Asia-Pacific travelers were most interested in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Americans most frequently searched for Miami, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Overall, most foreigners traveling toNorth America take longer trips than when visiting other countries; 64% of foreign travelers searched for trips with a duration of six days or more.

European Travel Trends

The most popular European destinations were London, Paris, Barcelona, and Mallorca. For solo, group, and family travelers from the U.K., Spain was the most popular destination. The U.K. and the Netherlands shared the top spot for planning summer holidays in advance. Nearly a third of all trips (29%) were planned 101 days or more in advance. With many tourists traveling to neighboring countries for the weekend, short trips made up over a third of all European searches (39%).

Asia-Pacific Travel Trends

Foreign travelers visiting Asia were largely interested in staying for an extended period of time and were most frequently looking to travel from the U.S. or the EU. Tourists looking to stay eight days or more comprised 47% of all flight searches to the region. China’sAugust holiday greatly contributed to trip searches from regional travelers; Chinese tourists made up over 15% of searches in August from domestic travelers. APAC also saw the largest percentage of inbound travelers looking to fly solo (81%).

Latin American Travel Trends

The report showed that Mexico and Brazil are becoming increasingly popular travel destinations from burgeoning markets such asChina. Flight searches from China to Mexico increased 48% from Q2 to Q3. Mexico and Brazil’s domestic populations traveled globally on a much larger scale than other countries in the region, likely due to higher GDPs. Spain was a popular destination due to the country’s shared language and culture. Destinations in Mexico, particularly vacation hotspots like Cancun, were very popular for North American tourists. LATAM also saw the highest percentage of flight searches for couples (20%).

To read the full Global Travel Insights Report, please click here.

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