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Our powerful marketing platform helps boost your visibility to reach and engage travelers before, during and after their trip. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to quickly increase ROI while setting yourself up for long-term success.

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Never Miss a Moment: Multichannel Made Easy

Your ideal travelers constantly navigate across channels as they plan for and purchase their upcoming trip. When you find them at the moment they’re most receptive to your message, you win. Sojern sets you up for virtual victory.

  • Display: Reach your target audience through high-quality display, native, and video placements
  • Video: Inspire and connect deeply via the most engaging storytelling medium
  • Native: Boost your content with non-disruptive ads that fit seamlessly into the website experience
  • Social: Find and engage travelers on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram
  • SEM: Execute keyword campaigns on the world’s largest search engines
  • Metasearch: Compete efficiently on the top metasearch engines as your brand defense strategy against the OTAs
  • Email: Integrate email into your arsenal to drive repeat visits, promotions, and ancillary revenue
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the sojern travel marketing platform

The Benefits are Massive, Even if Your Hotel Isn’t.

Independent hoteliers like you need every possible advantage in today’s digital landscape. That’s why Sojern works to deliver world-class tech, traveler data, creative services and expert support teams.

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