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Ensure Hotel Group Alignment & Increase Direct Bookings

We give you access to intelligent marketing tools and provide real-time insights to boost direct bookings. When you work with Sojern to reach and engage travelers throughout their trip-planning journey, you can be sure that your budget is working hard to meet your marketing goals at both the corporate and property level.

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Why Hotel Groups & Chains Work with Sojern

With Sojern, you get a team of travel experts focused on maximizing your digital campaign performance.

Identify, Attract, and Retain Your High-Value Guests
When your customer data combines with our own global travel ecosystem, you can attract and retain the loyal customers who boost profits now and in the long run. Our platform can augment your first-party data, build high-performing audiences, and reactivate your ideal guests while appealing to others who fit that profile.
Increase Direct Bookings with Your Digital Marketing
You can have full visibility via actionable reporting and traveler insights to see exactly what’s working. Our platform is powered by real-time global travel data and artificial intelligence, so it can seamlessly activate travelers across media channels to move them from planning to booking with greater speed and efficiency.
Demonstrate Effectiveness of Corporate Marketing to Individual Properties
Sojern drives always-on marketing for individual properties that have been vetted at the corporate level. Certain stakeholders need to see detailed benefits of corporate marketing to better understand how it can work for them. Our platform provides illuminating insights via simplified dashboards that showcase campaign performance, contributions toward business goals and areas where growth opportunities still exist.

The Sojern Travel Marketing Platform Provides Deep Multichannel Reach at Scale

Your travelers are already online. Now it’s time for you to find them at the moment they’re most receptive to your message.  

Programmatic Media
Get access to high quality native, display, video and CTV advertising to reach your target travelers in more locations.
Find and engage travelers on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to make your message more personal.
Make your presence felt on the top metasearch engines to ensure you’re being seen and can compete on the same level as OTAs and other properties.
Search Engine
Run keyword campaigns on the world’s largest search engines to ensure your message stays front and center, as well as top-of-mind.
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“The data that Sojern provides and their understanding of the target audience is one of the strongest points of the company. The insights they presented after the campaign are very valuable for our future projects.”

Artur Pielaszek
Deputy Director of Marketing

“Sojern has become one of our closest partners when it comes to performance. I don't think we have a single campaign where Sojern is not the key partner. If it's not broke, don't fix it.”

Branislav Ilic
Digital Performance Director, iProspect

“I really appreciate how easy it is to use. The direct bookings just keep coming in and there’s not a lot of upkeep on my end, which is nice being a busy property with multiple departments.”

Terra Wagner
Lodging Manager, Little River Inn

With today’s competitive market, it’s imperative for us to find tailored marketing solutions that both amplify the distinctive stories across our diverse portfolio and support hotelier efforts to drive direct bookings. Sojern’s customizable offering makes it easy for our collection of independent hotels to gain visibility and drive business in key digital acquisition channels.

Marissa Brady
Senior Director Hotel Direct Digital Marketing, Leading Hotels of the World

“The Sojern team has been great at providing insights and helping us to make more data-driven decisions. They’re ahead of the game in connecting multiple data points and solving this puzzle for the tourism industry.”

Linn Totland
Marketing Manager, Fjord Norway

Trusted by Distinguished Hotels Around the World

Our Platform Delivers Best-in-Class Features for Hotel Groups and Chains

Sojern ensures your digital marketing reaches the right travel audience throughout their planning and booking journey.

Unrivaled Traveler Insight

  • Enrich your first-party data to get maximum value out of your CRM system
  • 360 degree view of travelers to scale the reach of your audiences
  • Gain market and campaign insights and trends, to reactivate your ideal guests

Multichannel Scale

  • Identify, attract, and retain your high-value guests
  • Activate travelers across media channels
  • Future-proof your digital marketing

Automated Optimization

  • Reporting, insights, and pricing transparency
  • Optimize cross-channel spend
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing budget

Join Forces with Sojern to Drive Direct Bookings and Brand Awareness

From real-time market insights and on-demand reporting tools to a support team of travel experts—everything you need for success can be found working with Sojern.

Managed Platform
Managed Platform
A fully managed service that delivers exceptional performance and gives you access to real-time market insights, on-demand campaign and reporting tools, and creative services.
Traveler Suite
Traveler Suite to Go
With a simple activation fee, you can run our custom audiences in your marketing stack. You’ll also have access to our real-time travel insights through the platform.
Pay on the Stay
Corporate sponsored, low-risk, digital marketing package for your individual properties where you only pay a commission after the customer has completed their stay. You maintain brand integrity, visibility and control.
diamond shaped images a various luxurious locations

Why  Sojern

A better question might be “why not?” Our travel marketing platform was built from the ground up to raise your profitability. Every aspect of our relationship exists to ease your workload while making every dollar in your marketing budget work harder. We engage travelers throughout their entire journey of planning and booking, backed by an unmatched trove of data and next-gen AI. The features at your disposal are vast: real-time insights, on-demand campaign and reporting tools, a support team of seasoned travel experts and much more. As marketing solutions go, it doesn’t get any simpler than Sojern.


As the industry continues to look to us for the latest trends and insights, we’re constantly striving to remain a thought leader in the world of digital travel marketing.

Get a glimpse of the latest industry trends and challenges for destination marketers, and use these insights to equip you for 2024 planning and beyond.

Always-on marketing is a customer-centric way to personalize your campaigns and connect with travelers on their terms.

We partnered with Benchmark Research Partners to survey hotel marketers about their first-party data strategies.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing

Let us show you why thousands of hotel brands around the world use Sojern to achieve their marketing goals.

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