Hotel Castell and Sojern Partner to Grow Direct Bookings from New Guests

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CHF 75K+

in direct booking revenue in seven months


bookings from third parties


direct bookings from new guests
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Pay on the Stay
Search Engine Marketing

Hotel Castell had no problem with repeat business, but attracting new guests was a challenge. The team partnered with Sojern to tackle this, using a pay-on-the-stay, commission-based advertising solution. Sojern attracted new guests to Hotel Castell and provided them with an always-on marketing strategy

"The aim of every hotel is to have more guests, and more new guests. Most of the bookings we get from Sojern are from new guests. In fact, direct bookings are up overall, and we appreciate that."

Eva Leitner
Executive Assistant


With outstanding customer service and incredible outdoor surroundings, Hotel Castell enjoys a lot of repeat business. However, the team struggled to attract new guests to their property without the help of third parties. “Having an online presence is very important,” explains Ms. Leitner, “We wanted to make the most of that opportunity.” They began working with Sojern in November 2018 in order to attract new guests to their website.


In the seven months since the partnership began, Sojern generated CHF 75,295 in direct bookings for Hotel Castell, from marketing across a mix of display, search, Facebook, and Instagram. Since partnering, Sojern now represents 18% of the property's direct bookings, and third-party bookings are down. But more importantly, even though it is closed between April and June, Hotel Castell now has a marketing strategy that is on—even when they’re not.

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