Cookieless FAQs: Overview of Marketing without Third-party Cookies

What is Sojern doing to set my business up for the transition to cookieless?

Sojern supports partners like you through the transition to a cookieless future by continuing to invest in:

  • Multiple Targetable IDs: Building an identity graph based on multiple targetable identifiers
  • Data Cleaning Infrastructure: Compliant first-party data cleaning, storage, and activation
  • Attribution: Blend of deterministic and AI-powered probabilistic attribution based on industry standards
  • Data Partnerships: Expand our global store of opt-in behavioral and demographic data

Our proactive approach focuses on driving top-notch performance while respecting user privacy and adapting to the changing digital marketing landscape. Sojern combines all the best available cookieless solutions starting with cookieless-durable channels such as SEM, Metasearch, and 1-to-1 email/SMS marketing.

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How will Sojern maintain its global, massive footprint of targetable in-market travelers without 3rd party cookies?

While Google has only just begun to phase out third-party cookies (1%, Jan 2024), Sojern has been developing its cookieless audience targeting and attribution methodologies for a few years. In many ways, the cookieless world will have better and more advanced targeting that will be vital for future-proofing your direct booking strategies and remaining competitive in 2024 and beyond. A cookieless approach:

  • Unlocks cross-device and cross-channel targeting
  • Allows us to target Safari users
  • Fuels our ML audiences
  • Lets us reactivate historical booking data from your CRM
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How will Sojern be able to identify travel intent from in market travelers with this cookieless solution?

In a cookieless world, travel intent data will still come from our large pool of data partners and Sojern traveler profiles - although, in the future, it will be facilitated through the collection of multiple anonymous identifiers. In addition to this, Sojern audiences will continue to be supercharged by our AI, creating and optimizing targeting with machine learning.

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What differentiates your solution from others in the marketplace?

With the transition to cookieless, you are going to need reliable solutions that can help you navigate this cookieless world. Since day one, we’ve maintained an unwavering focus on travel. Over the last 15+ years, we’ve painstakingly collected, aggregated, and analyzed literally billions of travel intent signals (like hotel and airline booking data) from thousands of travel brands in every corner of the globe—and we continue to do that daily. We call this data rich environment the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem™. Coupled with years of development building cutting-edge AI technology, the Sojern Traveler Ecosystem is what truly powers our clients’ success and continued growth because it provides unmatched visibility into the global travel market.

Additionally, Sojern was the very first Google Certified Travel Marketing Partner. We have long-standing relationships with the tech teams at Google and are often brought in early to test new solutions. We believe we are uniquely positioned to help travel advertisers ensure the continuity of their high-performing, multichannel campaigns to in-market travelers the moment Google flips that cookieless switch.

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What channels does your cookieless solution support?

Display, Native, Video, CTV, Facebook & Instagram, Metasearch and SEM.

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How will retargeting work with this cookieless solution?

Sojern is diversifying the way users are targeted by building a Sojern identity graph made up of multiple anonymous identifiers and by using technology supported by our partners, such as Google's Protected Audiences. This multifaceted approach allows us to deliver the greatest impact to retarget travelers.

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How will attribution work with this cookieless solution?

Cookieless attribution will be facilitated through a combination of deterministic conversions and DSP-reported modeled conversions, with the granularity of measurement varying between advertising channels and DSP partners. We will use all available attribution sources to report results and will continue to evolve attribution measurement with available industry offerings like modeled and enhanced conversions.

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Why do you need hashed emails and 1st party cookie IDs?

A hashed email serves as a “digital passport” or main identifier of a user. Hashed emails let us associate all other data points together into a Sojern Traveler Profile, and we use that to deliver hyper-targeted ads. The main goal of capturing hashed emails and 1st party cookie IDs is to associate them together. This lets us track all current and future user activity on your site and retarget that user without them ever having to log in again after the initial hashed email capture.

Without associating both together, direct booking strategies won’t reach their full potential as it would require the user to log in to your website each and every time in order for us to capture their activity, something which isn't likely to happen that often.

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How will Sojern collect my offline historical booking data?

We'll collect and ingest your offline booking data directly from your CRM. The process is straight forward: once we have your permission to collect data and you have selected the data parameters of what to share with us, we’ll then work with you (or your developers) to build a script that automatically pulls in the data. We’ll also provide you (or your developers) with a GCS, S3 or SFTP bucket where you can send that data to us on a regular cadence. Sojern will then ingest this data into our Sojern Traveler Platform and activate it for audience building and insights.

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What types of historical booking data can Sojern ingest?

Sojern can collect a wide variety of offline and non-website booking data to build and enrich our traveler profiles, which will be used to identify travel intent. For this to work, we require that historical booking data shared with us also has a corresponding targetable ID (hashed email) associated with it so that we can tie all the data together and use it to target the user. We do not collect sensitive personal information to target advertisements, for example, health data, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.

Hotel: Hashed Email, Number of Adults & Children, Travel Purpose  
Traveler: Check-In & Out Date, Number of Nights, Country
Attraction: Start & End Data, City, Category
Airline: Departure date, Origin City, Destination City
Cruise: Departure / Arrival Date, Departure Arrival City, Cruise Ship Name

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