Sojern Traveler Platform

With over a decade of experience in data-driven travel marketing and analyzing traveler pathways to purchase data, Sojern brings a distinct perspective to the programmatic advertising and digital marketing ecosystem.

Platform Overview

Over the past six years, Sojern has developed a next-generation marketing direct demand engine for travel called The Sojern Traveler Platform. We leverage real-time travel intent data from OTAs, meta search engines, airlines, hotel properties, cruise operators, transportation providers, and tourism operators to execute programmatic campaigns across a wide-range of channels.


Branding by Sojern


Our platform uses sophisticated machine learning to process data signals in real-time and create highly customized travel audience segments. This allows brand marketers to reach travelers exactly when you want to reach them, in the location and at the time that they are most receptive to a message to buy, read, click, or engage with your brand.

Prospecting & Retargeting

With Sojern, go beyond just prospecting and retargeting. Precisely target only travelers who are in market to buy your specific service or offering. Access solutions tailored for airlines, car rental companies, cruise lines, destinations marketers, or hotel chains. We offer a unique combination of technology and expertise to increase brand loyalty and drive more direct bookings to your site.

Prospecting and Retargeting


Audience Profiles

The Sojern Traveler Platform is powered by the Sojern Data Store with over 350 million unique traveler profiles. These profiles are created by ingesting billions of intent signals, including your first party data, which is then processed through a combination of machine intelligence and human curation. We integrate this with additional third party data to create unique campaigns that drive superior performance.

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