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Inspire the Desire to Book With Dynamic Creative

July 19, 2018

Dynamic creative ads are flexible and fast since they pick up on actions that trigger bespoke ads—allowing you to target travelers at the perfect moment during their path to purchase. The benefits speak for themselves, but with so many ways to personalize the ad, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start and how to optimize.

Here are six key ways travel marketers can inspire direct bookings with dynamic creative ads:

Inspire the Desire to Swim Somewhere Warm

Let’s face it, the travel bug is infectious. And once someone catches it, a traveler is always dreaming about their next trip. They might not know where or when exactly they want to go, but they know they want to get away. And when it’s 100℉ in New York, targeting New Yorkers with an ad featuring the crisp blue waters of Hawaii can help inspire the desire to book that flight on Hawaiian Air today.

Weather can be used as messaging in an ad to help inspire the desire to get away. If-then statements based on cold-to-hot or hot-to-cold temperatures display the weather in other regions. An in-market traveler is in 39℉ degree weather? Highlight a trip to Jamaica. Travelers will be so inspired by your creative, they’ll book directly from your site.

Inspire the Desire at a Moment in Time

The travel bug knows no time—its infection can cause people to dream about travel throughout the day. Travel marketers can help cure this by showcasing their offerings to travel dreamers throughout the day and placing them directly in a travel moment.

Help cure the travel bug by using targeting to personalize the content displayed relative to the time of day—i.e. Use an image of a sunrise in the morning or a beach sunset in the evening. By coordinating the times, travelers think about the vacation situation they could be in, at that very moment.

Ads featuring the day of the week work the same way. For example, advertisers can set a trigger to show a different creative image or messaging on the weekend versus weekdays—i.e. a hammock on the beach on a Wednesday, or a lively tiki bar on a Saturday night.

Inspire the Desire to Dip Toes in the Sand

The travel bug can be pesky, causing the inflicted to dream in vivid color and sound. Why not showcase ads with the same vividness using video?

Inspire all of those inflicted with the travel bug with personalized messaging on videos to showcase all the possibilities that could cure their bug—in living color! The cool thing about using dynamic creative with video is that travel marketers can target many travelers at once and still personalize the ads towards an individual audience by using in-banner video ad. That way there’s no need to create multiple videos—an in-banner video is one single video asset, but the overlay messaging is dynamic to allow instant personalization. An overlay throughout the video and using an ending frame that highlights an asset tailored to travel intent, can connect in-market travelers with pricing, special deals, or offers in a unique way. Switching up the creative keeps it engaging—reducing ad fatigue and increasing direct bookings.



Inspire the Desire to Nail Down Specific Dates

One of the hardest travel bug symptoms to predict is exactly when it will be cured. However, once a traveler has decided where and when to travel, travel marketers can personalize their ads with specific dates to reflect the dates a traveler has shown interest in.

TIP: Include updated pricing whenever possible. Travelers like seeing the prices upfront for their travel dates, and they are more likely to book direct when the prices match up from the ad to the website.

Inspire the Desire to Book That Getaway

The travel bug will creep back up when travelers least expect it. Use retargeting to target a user who has visited your site before, but never converted.

Send creative their way that highlights special pricing if they book right away, or complimentary breakfast if they book before the weekend. The traveler feels they might miss out on a great deal, so they book faster and directly. If you can set yourself up to respond to changing preferences and keep up with different pricing and availability, you’ll inspire more bookings.

TIP: Using dynamic creative saves time and effort, so take it a step further and include a click thru URL straight to a booking page.

Inspire the Desire to Unplug

The travel bug can strike anywhere, especially when a traveler scrolls through Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) is an advertising platform that helps travel marketers focus a traveler’s intent into bookings. Facebook makes it easy to dynamically personalize the ads in many of the ways discussed above.

Fairmont partnered with Sojern to help increase overall revenue by 20% and mobile-driven revenue by 55% using Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel.

Ready to inspire a traveler’s desire to get away? Talk to our travel specialists about implementing dynamic creative capabilities today.

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About Ryleigh Hazen

Ryleigh is Sojern's Content Marketing Associate. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dog.

Ryleigh Hazen About the author

Ryleigh is Sojern's Content Marketing Associate. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dog.