Meet the Sojern Office in London

September 17, 2019

Working at our London office means joining a team that’s been almost seven years in the making. The London office is poised as one of our European hubs, and for good reason. London Sojernistas live our values and work together.  

There’s so much going on in the London office.

Sojern Champions Diversity 

Not only a company value, “championing diversity” is also one of the perks about being in London. And with a focus on the travel vertical, our Sojernistas enjoy hopping on a plane whenever they can, experiencing new cultures and seeing new sights. 

With 50 employees from 14 different countries, this office is also diverse in terms of departments, backgrounds, and personalities. And that variety of backgrounds transfers into music taste – with a radio on all the time, you’ll hear everything from Celine Dion, to French rap, to Australian rock. 

Building a Healthy Team in London

Being a part of Sojern includes taking part in our social initiatives like Sojern Gives Back volunteering, exercising with SoFit, or celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Most recently, Sojernistas volunteered at Harrow Common, cleaning up the common from bracken. The office also enjoyed a summer party at Regents Park, playing old school sports games (it wouldn’t be a true Sojern event without some healthy competition). And when the weather is nice, you’ll see the London Sojernistas firing up their new grill for a barbecue lunch on the terrace.

Location, Location, Location

Based in Farringdon, the office has plenty of options for eating, socializing, or working out of cafes. It also has the added benefit of being close to the rail. Our London Sojernistas enjoy grabbing a bite to eat and connecting during and after work in the neighborhood.

Why We Work at Sojern

What better way to learn about a company than to ask the employee’s themselves. Here’s what some of our Sojernistas had to say about why they work at Sojern:

“I believe Sojern combines two successful elements: travel, which I enjoy, and advertising, having worked in programmatic for the past four years. Being able to relate to both  felt like a natural next step in my career, not to mention the potential I see in the company. I am excited to be part of the Sojern team and I believe I have joined at the right moment, being surrounded by interesting projects and bright ideas which makes for a great roadmap. I also have a lot to learn at this point and there are plenty of resources available! ” – George Ciocirlie, Performance Analyst

“When I first joined, Sojern was only a couple of years into its European expansion, so there was something really appealing about being part of building something from the ground up. We had the autonomy to test things and take ownership of different initiatives, to see what was going to work. We may have a more established presence now, but I still feel that sense of autonomy, and the whole ‘test and learn’ approach is inherently part of Sojern’s DNA. 

I appreciate that there are so many, hard working, brilliant people in the office—it’s a lovely thing to come into each day. It’s hard for me to narrow it down to a single thing, but my favourite things stem from the fact that we all genuinely get along and have a good time together. I find that Sojernistas in London and beyond are so helpful. Everyone is willing to provide their expertise and do the heavy lifting to get the job done, whatever that job may be.” – Ashley Proceviat, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA & APAC

“For me personally it was the culture and values of the company, as well as the people I met that attracted me to Sojern. Being part of Sojern, and the London office specifically, makes me feel part of an international family, and people that truly live and breath the values of the company. Everything is fun, dynamic and fast paced!” – Lily Metta, People Operations Advisor

“Having worked with Sojern as a client for a couple of years prior, I admired the talented people that I got to collaborate with. They were partners in my marketing initiatives and clearly very knowledgeable, skilled teams. It was a team I admired for their ability to work together to solve problems with us. What convinced me to move over was getting to work across the board on multiple projects, cross departmentally experiencing and learning all that Sojern has to offer in technology, skills, and products. We face new challenges in our role every day to solve, whether it be our clients, our teams or personal, but it’s ever changing in this industry and that’s what drives my motivation for success at Sojern.” – Warra Spraggon, Senior Account Manager

Interested in a career at Sojern’s London office? Join our fast growing team here!

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About Ryleigh Hazen

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.

Ryleigh Hazen About the author

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.