Introducing New Medical Travel Benefits for Employees

August 2, 2022

July 29, 2022

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With the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding Roe v. Wade, some of our U.S. employees are losing access to healthcare services previously covered in our plan. As a company, we will stand by the healthcare services provided through our benefits programs for Sojernistas around the world. We want to ensure all U.S employees continue to have access to the same level of covered services without having to pay more for their benefits depending on where they live.

The health and safety of each of our employees and their families are core to Sojern’s philosophy, and thus we will continue to provide access to comprehensive healthcare in the U.S., irrespective of the State our employees live in or where they may need to go to receive the best healthcare. To that end, all U.S. Sojern employees and their families will continue to have access to comprehensive healthcare through our group health plan. In addition, we changed our medical benefits for our U.S. employees to include a medical travel benefit to be used when traveling for medical treatment becomes necessary for employees or a dependent, regardless of the medical service needed. Employees have been granted a stipend in medical travel benefits to access healthcare services that are not available locally, which can be used on flights, taxis, fuel and lodging when traveling for a medical procedure. 

We believe that people should be free to live according to their moral and ethical code, within the law. Sojern values diversity and inclusion, and we are proud to have built a culture of inclusiveness over the years. We have worked hard to create a safe environment for our employees to work in—built on mutual respect—where everyone feels welcomed, valued and empowered to speak.

After all, we are one team, and we feel this decision aligns with our ethos and core values. As a company, we will continue to monitor healthcare access for our employees globally, and make adjustments as needed over time to provide for all Sojernistas and their families.

Introducing New Medical Travel Benefits for Employees
Mark Rabe

Mark Rabe is the visionary behind Sojern’s journey to become the go to digital marketing solution for the travel industry. With over two decades of senior leadership experience, Mark’s track record of success has translated to Sojern, where the brand has been a five time recipient of Deloitte’s 500 Fastest Growing tech firms. Prior to Sojern, Mark held various leadership positions at Yahoo!, Overture and About Inc. He currently serves as an active board advisor to tech start-ups. Mark holds a Master’s in business administration from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and economics from Denison University.

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