Sojern Singapore: The Fastest Growing Office in the East

October 11, 2018

What Makes Sojern Singapore Unique

Located in the Downtown Core region, Sojern’s Singapore office is our largest location in APAC. Tied with Istanbul for our third largest office location globally, our Singapore team is growing by the minute, constantly hiring amazing new Sojernistas. Since January 5th, 2015 Sojern Singapore has grown 2250% from a team of two to one of 47 amazing people—consisting of roles in sales, account management, as well as team members in operations, analysts, and tech ops.

Today at any given time, one can hear over six languages spoken at our Singapore office. Our team consists of people originally from Russia, the Philippines, China, Thailand, Indonesia, the US, the UK, and of course Singapore. There is something always happening in the office—especially when our remote employees and ones from any of our other 13 global offices fly in for a visit.

Evona Tan Sojern

“It is a very vibrant office. It is very exciting to see so much rapid expansion in only two years. The industry is so dynamic so there is always something new to try and solve for. I’m motivated by seeing different people from different functions come together to solve for a customer.”  

– Evona Tan, Manager of Accounts for APAC


sneha vellanki Sojern“The people are what bring me to work everyday. They are smart, genuine, and challenge me to be better. What is great is that everyone here respects each other’s boundaries and that is something I truly value.”

– Sneha Vellanki, Ad Operations Lead


cee samakwong sojern“Everyone is helpful, so I love coming to the office and working with such a diverse group.”

– Cee Samakwong, Regional Sales Manager at Sojern Singapore



What Inspires our Singapore Sojernistas

Ask any Singapore Sojernista what motivates them to come into the office every day, and they’ll respond with a glowing review of their coworkers. The people are what make this team thrive. 

Things at Sojern are consistently changing, so open and transparent communication is key for all of Sojern. The Singapore team enjoys being adaptable and flexible to keep up with the constant evolution.

Lucas Choo Sojern“Having people I can rely on motivates me to come into work. They all have so much experience. A willingness to learn and a positive attitude can go a long way.”

– Lucas Choo, Campaign Coordinator



Adila Haris Sojern“I like the fact that everyone is well bonded. We all come from different walks of life and different cultures, but we come together well. I handle the new market, so what motivates me is seeing this region continue to grow.”  

– Adila Haris, Sales Manager for South East Asia


Embracing Diversity Through Community Programs 

Embracing diversity is part of Sojern’s values, so the APAC team makes sure to celebrate it with key events for the entire team to celebrate, including the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, National Day, Deepavali, and more to mark the occasions. Plus, the Singapore office has Celebratory Fridays where the team sits down to have dinner together and celebrate each other’s successes.

Sojern’s Volunteer Program: Sojern Gives Back

An important aspect of our values is the Sojern Gives Back (SGB) program. SGB allows Sojernistas to give back to their communities through volunteer efforts and donations. Our overall 2018 SGB goal is to volunteer 8,000 hours, globally. That breaks down to 15 hours a person and 620 hours for the Singapore office. Wow!

Metta Charity Race - Singapore Office

One of the favorites of the Singapore office was the Metta Charity Race this September. The Metta Welfare Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding individuals in need of disability care, medical care, special education, and early intervention programs. The run aims to provide an outlet for fitness and raise funds that make a difference. Participating in the race was an effort from both SGB and Sojern’s wellness program, SoFit. A team of 15 Sojernistas completed 105km with a goal of raising SGD 10 per every kilometer, SGD 1,050 in total. The team ended up passing their goal and raised SGD 2,000!

Karen Chang Sojern“I truly feel that this event was absolutely meaningful in three ways – it was for a charitable cause, it pushed me to re-think about incorporating a healthier and active lifestyle, and this occasion brought our team together with a common cause and goal in mind. The team spirit was strong; we cheered each other on and waited till our full team completed the non-competitive race. It was simply a fun event and good time spent with our team members who participated.”

– Karen Chang, People Operations Business Partner for APAC

SGB is very impactful. In 2018, the Singapore team has also volunteered with the Rise Above Foundation Cebu, a food program that aids children in public schools and hospitals. Plus, the office has worked with the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen which prepares, cooks, and distributes about 5,000 daily meals to over 40 locations islandwide, 365 days a year.

SGB - Singapore

Meet Sojern’s Wellness Program: Sojern SoFit

An initiative at Sojern, a company-wide wellness group called SoFit, brings fitness and fun to our offices. 

Singapore SoFit 2018

As part of SoFit, they occasionally host healthy meals together, like acai bowls in the morning, which the office really enjoys. In the rest of 2018, Singapore will be doing both pilates and rock climbing.  And last year, a wellness expert even came in to teach healthy values—a program that was even shared globally with the other teams.


jason chia sojern“We work hard but we play harder. There are so many celebrations as we are a multicultural team, coming from all walks of life, sharing our experiences on different ethnic holidays.”

– Jason Chia, Senior Account Manager


Becoming a Singapore Sojernista


Interested in joining the team? Singapore Sojernistas have offered up their thoughts on the qualities new hires should possess.

A new Sojernista should be:

  • Able to prioritize
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible
  • Able to think outside the box
  • A team player
  • True to themselves
  • A fan of good food!

Are you a perfect fit for Sojern Singapore? Check out our career page for up to date job postings!


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About Ryleigh Hazen

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.

Ryleigh Hazen About the author

Ryleigh is Sojern's Associate Content Manager. She has an incurable passion for content creation. When not in the office Ryleigh enjoys reading a good book, cooking, and walking her dogs.